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Tractor and mine truck mounting packages.


Custom skid or trailer shotcrete pumps with capacties from 25 -100 cubic yards per hour sized and constructed to the customer's specific needs. All transcrete america pump models can be tailored to your specific needs for the concrete, shotcrete, oilfield, inplant, and bulkTransfer of road coating materials.

Truck mount diamond plate specials


Truck mount models can be ordered as either pony engine style completely turn-key ready to slide onto your truck frame at a 10 to 12 degree angle for lowest hopper height and secured to the truck frame, or as truck mount PTO driven units powered from the truck's engine. Units built at our factory are unique to the industry as we are the only manufacturer with the complete pump mechamsm below bed height at a 10-12 degree angle for lowest hopper height freeing the entire bed space for storage. These can be supplied to you as a turn key unit ready for your own bed work or complete with our bedwork.

Gooseneck Trailer and Customized Trailers


Built to your specific needs, all trailer models can be gooseneck, or extended trailer with basket up front for storage of all pumping accessories, plus water tank with an integral water pump. Limitless possibilities!

Join us at the World of Concrete!


This show gives us the opportunity to showcase for you, the generous offerings from Transcrete America's vast array of pumping equipment "Manufactured in America", at this time.

It also provides for us an opportunity to meet new and potential customers along with current customers for a face to face exchange of thoughts and ideas to enhance our ability to better serve our industry for years to come.

Mining and Tunnel Shotcreting


Although thought of as a specialty market in regards to shotcrete pumps, mining and tunnel shotcreting is usually accomplished with our standard concrete pumps with slight variations for the shotcrete market.  This saves our customers on intial equipment costs.
Some needs are quite out of the ordinary and our staff is always ready to assist you with over 45 years of shotcrete and concrete pumping experience.
Contact Transcrete America for any specialty equipment requirements.